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Step your T-shirt Game up With These specialty Vinyl types...



It is a type of fuzzy or furry heat transfer vinyl. it has a similar feel to felt or suede material. It is a much thicker variety of vinyl than regular Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). The fuzz means it is raised, adding dimension to your design.



Our Glitter HTV is a decorative HTV that compliments any t-shirt, sweatshirt, blanket or other cotton or polyester-based fabric. This Glitter heat transfer vinyl is a true, touchable glitter finish like the one you find in popular retail chains and will never shed any glitter so no need to worry about a mess! This textured Glitter HTV creates sparkling shirts and is perfect for when you want to add that extra Bling!

il_570xN.9brick image.jpg


We use a unique texture adding special vinyl called Siser® Brick® HTV. It is a decorative heat transfer vinyl that is 600 microns thick. This thick, flexible heat transfer vinyl is designed for smaller logos or as a way to add dimension to your projects. Brick 600 is a matte finish that looks great on hats, bags, and left chest designs. Siser® Brick® is CPSIA certified so it can safely be used for children's designs. Brick is available in select colors.

We also carry a variety of NEON vinyls, Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl, Metallic and Holographic vinyls, Leopard print, Zebra Print, and many more unique patterns. Talk with a Design Specialist for availability of your favorite look!

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