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Our youth-sized T-shirts are 100% cotton and cotton blends and start as low as $6 with basic customizing. Upgrades and multi-colored are generally half the cost of our larger, adult-sized shirts. We also offer digital photo transfer printing of the most popular children's television and cartoon friends.Contact a design specialist today to personalize incredible T-shirts your children are sure to love.

If there is one thing we are tasked with most often, it is the color-matching designing of custom T-shirts to match the latest new sneakers. By providing an upload image of the shoes or their SHU numbers,our staff is then able to use specific shades of colors to pair design selections with uploaded athletic shoes.This is a one-time fee per order.

From birthday parties, team sports, and reunions, to a casual political statement, there is always a good reason adults offer us for expressing their creativity. We accommodate orders for the individual as well as large bulk orders, and we use a "rolling discount"savings for order quantities of 25 or more shirts. All selections of shirt designs are previewed by you prior to creation to ensure the design is just as ordered!

* Taxes not included. Single-side, single color FLEX designing only. Kid's sizes include those sizes specifically designated as such by the garment manufacturer. *Dual and Tricolors and Upgraded vinyls additional. Digital Photo transfers additional.



The Top Design offers several different methods and premium materials, we use in the creation of your apparel. With pricing starting as low as $5 (kid's) and $8(adults), keeping our creations affordable are just as important as ensuring  that unique beauty that comes with originality. The customizing process can be confusing and overwhelming, but we are here to help you! 
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Young Adult Tees

When it comes to expressing individuality, our teens and young adults can't be outdone. With custom-color designed clothing so incredibly popular right now, we are asked often to create dazzling color assortments to match teen's favorite paiir of sneakers. No Problem! Starting at $8*, we have a large color selection sure to match well with a special outfit, and many different grades, textures, and  vinyl prints to impress friends and family alike!


Adult Sized T-Shirts

Starting a new bowling league, fantasy football league, or just wanting to show your support of a cause or organization? There is no shortage of reasons why we get them, but at some point we all seem to need them. When that time is now, trust no other company to have your order ready and on time for your event when you need them. Starting as low as $10*, we include a graphic design suggestion (created from your feedback) to get your project going in the right direction! Contact Us Today and let us help you create a theme out of your ideas!

* Single-side designing only. Vinyl pricing varies by type and sq ft amount used per project. Kid's sizes are limited to those sizes specifically designated as such by the garment manufacturer. *Additional colors and/or layers extra. Photo reproductions may be slightly higher. Please see your invoice for complete charges.

Pricing: Price List
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